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ROUES MAVIC ALL ROAD 26P/650Ready for any terrain. A reliable alloy wheel system for your wildest Allroad adventures.

Traction, rolling efficiency and confidence on all types of terrain.
650B with 45 to 50mm tire keeps the feeling and handling of a normal road bike. 5cm of plush “tire travel” improves traction and comfort, prevents pinch flats, and lets you dial in the perfect tire pressure for the terrain. UST Tubeless compatibility produces the lowest possible rolling resistance.

Fast acceleration and predictable cornering.
Shallow alloy rim coupled with two-cross spoke pattern delivers the right balance of lateral stiffness and vertical compliance. Superlight ISM4D rim with hookless profile accelerates quickly. Steel double butted spokes for comfort and control.

Ultimate reliability no matter where you ride.
Mavic Road UST reduces the risk of punctures. Instant Drive 360 freehub system and QRM Auto bearings for worry-free performance.

Safety & reliability


Efficiency & rigidity
QRM Auto

Material: Maxtal
Height: 21 mm
Joint: SUP
Drilling: traditional
Disc brake specific profile
Weight reduction: ISM 4D
Valve hole diameter: 6.5 mm
Tyre: UST Tubeless and tubetype
Internal width: 25 mm
ETRTO size 27.5": 584x25TSS
Hookless profile
Use with Mavic Tubeless Tape

Material: steel
Shape: straight pull, flat, double butted
Nipples: steel, ABS
Count: 24 front and rear
Lacing: front and rear crossed 2

Front and rear bodies: aluminum
Axle material: aluminum
Auto adjust sealed cartridge bearings (QRM Auto), front and rear
Freewheel: Instant Drive 360
Front: Quick release, 12x100 and 15x100 through axle compatible
Rear: Quick Release, 12x142 and 12x135 compatible

Color: Black only
Disc standard: Center Lock(R) only

Freewheel: Shimano/Sram, convertible to Campagnolo and XD-R with optional driver bodies
Front axle: 12mm thru axle, easily convertible to quick release with included adapters. Convertible to 15mm with complete axle replacement
Rear axle: 12mm thru axle, convertible to Quick Release with included adapters 

Compatible Adapters and freewheel bodies
12 to 9mm front adapter for quick release ([V2680301] - Delivered with the wheel)
15mm axle ([V2373501]) + 15mm fork rest ([V2372501])
12x142 rear axle adapters ([V2510701] - Delivered with the wheel)
12 to 9mm rear adapter for quick release ([V2510801] - Delivered with the wheel)
12x135 rear axle adapters ([V2510901])
ID360 Shimano / Sram Light freewheel body ([V3850101])
ID360 Campagnolo freewheel body ([V3440101])
ID360 XD-R freewheel body ([V2580101])
ID360 Shimano / Sram freewheel body ([V3430101] - Delivered on the wheel)

Delivered with
Front QR adapters
Rear QR adapters for Instant Drive 360
UST valve and accessories
Tubeless rim tape
User guide

Intended use
ASTM CATEGORY 2 : road and offroad with jumps less than 15cm
For a longer longevity of the wheel, Mavic recommends that the total weight supported by the wheels don't exceed 120kg, bike included
Recommended tyre sizes: 28 to 62 mm (1.1" to 2.5")
Max. Pressure: see indication on wheel and tyre. If they differ, use the lower of the 2

brake type: disc
field: allroad
rim profile: low
rim: aluminium
tubeless: yes
tyre type: clincher
tyre type: tubeless
weight: 1601g to 1700g


Efficiency & rigidity
Instant Drive 360
QRM Auto

Safety & reliability

Road riding is evolving in adventurous new ways, and this purpose-built wheel system is at the forefront of this progression. A combination of super-wide rims (25mm internal) and a smaller 650B rim diameter allows you to run large 45 to 50mm tires that absorb road shocks and vibrations. But even with the added 5cm of "tire travel," the smaller rim diameter means you'll retain the agile handling that makes a road bike a road bike. No compromises here. UST Road Tubeless technology delivers better rolling efficiency and a reduced risk of flats, and makes it easier than ever to set up and inflate tubeless tires. The lightweight rims feature ISM 4D technology (Inter Spoke Milling), which strategically removes material from the rim where it’s not needed but keeps it around the spokes, where the tension is applied. This disc-brake specific wheelset features 24 steel spokes front and rear to distribute the brake torque efficiently and evenly. The wheels are compatible with Center Lock rotors. The front hub comes with a 12mm thru-axle and can convert to 15mm or quick release. The rear wheel is 12x142 thru-axle and can also convert to quick release.

Weight Front   805
Weight Pair   1740
Weight Rear   935

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